The Breakthrough Accelerator is a 9-month program that provides innovators with the funding, community, and support to achieve scalable, sustainable change. As part of a small cohort of innovators, you’ll join us on an intentionally designed journey.

Select your Innovation

First, you’ll identify an innovation you’ve been working on and that you’d like to further develop during the accelerator. This can be a program, product, or service (big or small) related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. To apply, you should have already tested your innovation with your intended end users (intended audience).

Identify a Team

Next, you’ll identify a three-person team. Consider the diversity of skillsets and knowledge on your team, as well as end user representation. Your team doesn’t have to include people from different organizations, but you should be able to articulate what unique skills and expertise each team member brings and demonstrate your ability to work together.


You’ll submit a short, informal video as well as a written application form. We’ll contact those teams that are moving forward to the interview stage of the process.

Receive Notification

Up to six teams will be selected to participate in the accelerator. Selected teams will receive $100,000 each to cover travel expenses for two in-person workshops and a Demo Day, and to further test, scale, and prepare their innovation for commercialization or rigorous evaluation.

Participate in the Breakthrough Accelerator program

Joining Breakthrough will give you access to a wide range of supports. Specifically, your team will:

Receive financial support:

Your team will receive $100,000 to further develop and grow your innovation and travel to in-person workshops and a demonstration day (Demo Day).

Expand knowledge and skills across four foundational areas:

Breakthrough is built around four pillars: Establishing a Foundation; Measuring Your Impact; Growing Your Impact; and Keeping It Going. Your team will enhance your expertise and apply what you learn to take your innovation to the next level.

Receive tailored guidance and support:

Through 1:1 coaching with dedicated experts, we’ll help you get your innovation into the hands of real end users for feedback and validation.

Have access to resources and tools:

Your team will have access to a wealth of resources and tools developed and curated for you.

Participate in peer learning opportunities:

Your team will be able to learn, share, and grow with a community of innovators like yourself.

Attend two in-person workshops:

Here, you’ll build your knowledge and skills related to human-centered design and equity in evaluation and commercialization along with your peers.

Participate in Demo Day:

In the last month of the Accelerator, your team will have an opportunity to present your innovation at a culminating event. You’ll share the story of your innovation and your future vision with partners, potential investors/funders, and the public.

Join the Breakthrough alumni network:

The innovation journey doesn’t stop at Demo Day. After you complete the program, you’ll join a network of other innovators and experts working to improve sexual and reproductive health. You’ll have continued access to specialized tools and resources and opportunities to share with, partner with, and even mentor new cohorts of innovators.